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I've been teaching kindergarten for 13 years! I have wanted to be a kindergarten teacher since I was in kindergarten myself. I really do have my dream job!

Best Tip for Management:
In my experience, students respond best when you are consistent and fair. I also think it is important to create a community of learners...I'm a huge Responsive Classroom fan! Our Morning Meeting really sets the tone for the entire day and I rarely skip it. 

Must Have School Supply:
I love my SMART board but I'm not sure if that counts as a supply :) I think a really nice stapler is important, too.
Blogs I follow (and you might want to as well ;)
The first blog I ever followed was What the Teacher Wants. http://whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com/
I also love Growing Kinders http://growingkinders.blogspot.com/

How to stay organized?
 I am a big believer in 3-ring-binders. I used to use file cabinets but it never worked for me. I have a theme binder for each month, math work station binders and still more for Daily 5. I use a ton of sheet protectors but I love this system.
Stress Management Advice:
 I think bonding with your team is super important. We eat together and share about our morning. Sometimes talking about a not so great morning and being able to laugh about it with coworkers will pump you up enough to turn the day around. A hot bath and some wine never hurt either :)
Interview Tip:
I've been a part of a lot of interview teams and am always impressed by new teachers who have a good knowledge base but also are willing to learn! If someone asks you if you are familiar with something you are clueless about, instead of lying, say you don't know but would love to read the book or go to a class on it to learn. 
Advice for first year of Teaching:
Change is extremely hard for me but it is inevitable in teaching. Standards change. There may be staff changes. Every year your students will change. It is hard but if you can become adaptable, it will save you some stress and drama. Good luck!

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