A Bite out of Summary Sandwiches

Comprehension- it's big in the elementary grades! Focusing on different strategies can really help students comprehend text that they read.  I created this craftivitiy to go along with the strategy of summarizing.  One we just got done working on in class.

I know that this concept can be tricky for some students, so in this pack I have 3 completely different options for summaries!  This can fit any classroom or format!  The pack is also already aligned to the Common Core.
1. Sandwich of Summaries- each piece of sandwich has a different summary 
2. Sequencing Summary - prompts that sequence what happened in text.
3. SWBST summary using "somebody, wanted, but, so, then" prompts.

The pack also comes with bulletin board template if you want to make it.  A response sheet to summaries is also included so that students have a chance to read and respond to others peers "sandwiches." 

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  1. I will definitely be putting this one on my wishlist - you are exactly right, we all need to develop our comprehension!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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