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Well if you are anything like me and have 86 million things going on right now you will definitely appreciate this post! I am very Type A, possibly the most Type A person I know, hopefully I'm not the worst though - I just have to stay organized or I feel like my life falls completely apart. 

How do I do it?!  My favorite tool has to be a to do list.  Yes this may seem oldfashioned in some ways but I seem some benefits:
1. Writing it out helps me remember
2. Crossing things off feels good (as oppose to deleting or checking off on computer!)
3. I can fit it into all parts of life and not just teaching!

First I'm very fond of my monthly calendar from Staples - it is a life saver as I'm always planning weeks and months ahead but from day to day I like to rely on a to do list as oppose to planner.  Lately, I've been looking for more resources and decided to share what I have found.  Since my to do list now has categories (wedding, grad school, regular school, personal, monthly....)  I'm searching for better organizing.  Take a look at what I found and see what works for you.
Busy TpT Teacher's To-Do Lists
AWESOME To Do lists -  FREE and it has categories!! One of my faves!

        More Lists, Lists, Lists
Great FREE lists! 
   This list I made awhile ago but LOVE because of the categories and cuteness (as you see, I've had this problem for a long time).  Click the picture for a FREE copy. 
Great for post-its (who doesn't love those?!)  FREE download from a great blog!

How do you stay organized??! What is your best tool for keeping everything together?  

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  1. I have a planner that I write EVERYTHING in. I also have a notebook that I write all my to-do lists in. I write down everything I need to do that week and cross it off as I complete them. I don't think I'd call myself Type-A because I'm really only organized when it comes to teaching....organization is a must for teachers! :) Thanks for the to-do lists. I need something cuter than just plain ol' notebook paper! :)

    Recess and Beyond


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