Looking for Friends

Ok so I'm branching out and jumping on the bandwagon (metaphors much?) and getting a Facebook page for my blog!  It just started yesterday but I would love it if anyone would "like" my page!  It feels like starting over :(

I plan on running sales/giveaways separately on that page- so you definitely want to be in the know! :)

Since this is so new- I'd love to have some new FB pages of yours to follow! Leave me your link in the comments and I'll be sure to "like.  

I also just finished another pack for TpT.  These awesome exit slips for ANY grade! I'm really proud of them, my students really love the creative prompts and they really help me assess my teaching and their learning as well!  What do you think?

Click the picture for more info!


  1. I can't figure out how to like pages as my blog page and not personal one, but I've liked your page! If you wanted to follow mine back, I would love it! Http://Facebook.com/luckeyfrogslilypad


  2. I just followed you! Here is mine: https://www.facebook.com/ThirdGradeAllStars

    Third Grade All Stars

  3. I'll follow you! My FB Fan page is:


    Science for Kids Blog


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