Paint Chip Phonics FREEBIE

I have seen these all over Pinterest being used in one sort of way or another.  I haven't had any experience with them until this class.  We used this for one of our phonics games rotations.  The students wanted me to battle them.  I was like, "sure," so I ventured over and was AMAZED by what was happening.

Obviously building words and learning spelling patterns are important in the early elementary grades, so this was a pretty smart idea.  I did, however not realize just how much FUN I would have!!! I was challenging myself to come up with words and the best part - the combinations are endless.   It would be great for even upper elementary to give their brains a workout + it is colorful and super fun!

Needless to say I quickly made myself a copy of this great center/game!   I used common spelling patterns from 1st grade.

look at all the combos we could find in 15 min!


Matching 'em up!

Here's an up close picture of some matches!  Easy to do and fun to find!

Below is a great FREEBIE that you can use for a recording sheet for this center. 

Variations to the game:

1. Race against each other
2. Race against the teacher
3. Review for spelling (any time of year)
4. Try to find as many combinations as possible
Really its is limitless because of how much fun it really is.
Do you use paint chips in your classroom? What are some of your ideas!


  1. I love that there are so many possibilities for correct responses. And it does look like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How fun! This would be prefect for a word work station. I have used paint chips for place value, but have not ventured into phonics. Thanks for the idea and the freebie! :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher


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