FYFF- Texas Sized Teaching and St. Paddy's FREEBIE!

Another Friday!

This week we have Jenny from Texas Sized Teaching offering up advice for new teachers! She has some awesome tips read on to find out more!


I have been a 7th grade Texas History teacher for 9 years. Prior to teaching Texas History, I worked as a P.E. teacher, Alternative Classroom teacher, and did my student teaching in U.S. History. Besides my teaching role, I am also an Academic Team Leader, History Department Head, and teaching mentor. I have previously taught several professional development classes, including a Teaching with Love & Logic class, Interactive Notebooking class, and an introduction to History Alive.

Best Tip for Management:

Management is very personal; there is no one right style. However, you do need to come into the classroom with a definite plan and "mean business." If you say it, you must enforce it; so think carefully about what your consequences! Also, don't forget that you are the adult; sometimes it's overwhelming to see so many faces staring at you, but you are the boss!

Must Have School Supply:

file folders -- super useful for SO many things!

Blogs I follow (and you might want to as well ;)

I don't read a lot of blogs for teaching ideas, but I do love to search TpT to see all of the creativity out there!

Her store:
She has some really creative items and I love how cute her store looks!
How to stay organized?

I have developed several different systems over the years. My main technique, though, is to sort through everything at the end of the day so my classroom is always neat when I come in the morning. Also, I require my students to keep the classroom neat and tidy, making less overall work for me.

Stress Management Advice:

Don't try to do it all. Know that Mrs. Perfect down the hall didn't get that way overnight! Do your best and know that we all make mistakes. Don't forget to take time out for yourself, too!
Interview Tip:

Try to think through all of the typical interview questions ahead of time (so you have some idea what to say), but be yourself. Don't try to "have all of the answers." Most people will come in and try to present themselves as the ideal candidate--you be the REAL candidate. Let them know that if you come across a situation you're not sure how to handle that you will turn to others for help.

Advice for first year of Teaching:

College doesn't prepare you for the classroom at all. Even observations didn't prepare me. If I knew how little I knew...well, I would have volunteered every spare hour in the classroom, soaking up advice from veteran teachers. Learning from others in the profession taught me more in 6 months than I got in my entire college career.

Seriously I'm loving how inspired I am already!!!  Her interview tips is OUTSTANDING! Perfectly worded, something I forget quite a bit of the time, but it makes total sense!

Want more of Jenny?! Check out her store hereWant to be a guest blogger fill out the form at the top- I'd LOVE to have you!

Don't forget to check out my new Amusing Adjective Activities - we have been having so much fun with these!!!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie! I'm your newest follower and I am loving the Friday Feature you do each week! It is so refreshing and inspiring to hear from great teachers! Can't wait to read more future posts.

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