Don't we all need a support group?! and a SALE!

This is not totally teaching related, it is, but it isn't (fair warning)

Wouldn't it be nice to have people/place to go as a Teacher's support group!  What do you do when stressed out with work, circumstances beyond your control or just the teaching field in general? 

I was talking with a good friend today who also is going into the teaching field.  Both of us are in the process of applying and looking for jobs for the following fall.  To most people it wouldn't be a big deal but to the two of us and with our first possible jobs on the line it is STRESSFUL!  I have gotten so many wonderful tips on interviewing and portfolios and what to say/do, but if the jobs aren't there then there is not much to apply for. 

I feel it is a little more cumbersome since I will be moving in the summer and I don't know the school district or any teachers there - although I did put in applications but I feel that they will get overlooked. 

Just talking to someone else made me feel better that they are going though some of the same things I am - it feels good to connect on that level.  Especially if you are as Type A (and a super planner) as we both are...not having a job or prospects seems like it is looming over your head.

Can anyone else relate?  I know we all have things like this that happen all the time and at least being in the education field we can relate right (to some degree).

Tips for dealing with stress (as educators):

1. Pray - as a Christian this is something I do, but especially because I should be more patient and know that what is planned will happen even though I need almost daily reminders.

2. Vent/Get Advice- from a trusted friend/other teacher who will understand and listen and can offer advice if necessary. 

3.  Exercise/Hobby- DON'T WORRY! Worrying doesn't help anything so occupy your time doing something you like to do.  For me -painting/DIY wedding it is, I need to get back in the swing of things.

4. Refocus- Get excited for things going on in your classroom and school and what's coming up at the end of the year.  The students still need to be there mentally (so should you!).  I definitely could focus a little more.

Feel free to add to the list (comment) I would love to hear more!! How do you deal with stress?

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****UPDATE: I have actually gotten confirmation from a couple jobs that they have gotten my application, at least its a start!  Least I'm not on the complete bottom of pile!


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  1. I hear ya! Finding a job is super stressful, and planning a wedding on top of it. My job was cut last year, but luckily, I was flexible and able to move to NC (from OH) made it a little easier and I secured a first grade job by mid July, so I was able to relax over the summer and worry about the move. Unfortunately, the district I am in is not so good so it's back to the job hunt again this year. I'm noticing, jobs don't really come up until late spring early summer so hang in there! In addition to teaching and finding a new job, I'm planning for my October wedding, so stress management is ideal! I exercise a lot and try to leave work at school when I come home at night and just work on centers and whatnot on the weekends.


  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!!! Good luck on finding a new job and wedding planning as well!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I really needed to hear this today. I'm completely in the same boat and have been stressing out about getting a job next year. This post reminded me to step back and get some perspective.

    Have a great day!

    Little Miss Elementary

    1. That means a lot! I literally have to tell myself these things all the time :)

  4. Any tips for someone just finishing up student teaching, and hoping to find a job soon? Feeling overwhelmed by the whole process as well as the idea of running a whole classroom by myself w/o the help of a clinical faculty :P

    1. I have some awesome resources for new teachers and a post I did - here ( is fabulous (seriously!!)

      Any resources I have for new teachers are found by clicking "Are you a new teacher" up at the top.

      Thanks for stopping by! Wish I could help out more!

  5. I totally understand how stressful it is to find a job. BUT- it will all pay off in the end! I just found your blog (love the design!) and am your newest follower. Good luck in your job hunting adventures!

    The Open Door Classroom

  6. Hi Amber, I love that chocolate science packet - looks great!! You have such a cute blog! I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  7. Hi Amber! How are you?! I haven't talked to you in a while! I hope you are doing well! I wanted to tell you how great your blog looks! I see you got a new look! Did you make it yourself? I was thinking about getting a new look, as well! Decisions, decisions haha! ;-)

    1. Hi Kayla! I'm doing well- on my first maternity leave in first grade! Thanks for the compliments on the design, I had Megan at A Bird in Hand designs do it and she was awesome!! It definitely feels refreshed ;) Hope everything is going good for you!!

    2. So glad to hear all of the great news! Wishing you luck with everything! I will def have to look into my blog update! I think a little refreshing is just what I need! As for news with me, I got a job as an after school intervention teacher on 3 days a week. This way I can still sub and do that after school! Overall, things are great! Keep in touch Amber! ;-)


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