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listening: I always have to have noise when I sleep!!
thinking: the maternity leave I'm covering for ends in 7 school days :(  I've grown close to this class and it will be sad leaving them but I'll be on to another leave shortly. 
needing: I feel like I'm always making piles and to do lists and now I need to act on them....perhaps tomorrow can be that day ;)
Advice: Blogging, gaining followers, TPT - all take an incredible amount of time and like you'll see on so many people's posts, DO NOT compare yourself! It always makes me feel worse.  If you are yourself, people will follow you for that!


  1. I love your advice. Sometimes it's difficult to not compare, but I think you feel worse when you do and you end up trying to be something you're not, which is worse.

  2. Aww... Sorry you only have a few short days left with your class. I bet that's hard. I feel ya on having tons of things to do. I feel like my to do list is never ending. Hope you had a great Easter.

    Lovely Literacy and More

  3. Hi Amber,
    I completely agree about your advice about not comparing yourself to others.In fact, that was the topic of my post yesterday. Have you seen that graphic that says "don't let comparison steal your joy"? I made it my screensaver to remind myself of that. I pinned your post so hopefully it'll send some traffic your way (http://pinterest.com/pin/147985537728032484/). Hopefully they will benefit from your advice.


  4. You are soooo right with your advice! I think that goes for most things in life, but it's hard to do with blogging because there are so many successful people out there! :) Sorry to hear your assignment is ending-I know the kiddos will miss you.



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