Amusing Adjective Activities

As I'm sure I have mentioned we have been working on adjectives non-stop lately (ok...the last few weeks)  It has been kind of a tough concept for some of my firsties but with all the practice they seem to be getting it.

I have whipped up some activities that we have been working on to get better with learning about adjectives.  Gosh- these things are so fun!!

For the full description click on the picture above!

Otherwise enjoy some of my pictures below.  We did the animal adjective activity (before I made it all cute!)  and it was A HIT!  I even took part in guessing!

Basically you just describe an animal- how they look, feel, smell, and sound!  My students were SO creative and hilarious.  It really made the activity great!

We filled out the bottom part first, then guessed the animal. 

my guess: worm


a little clarification on this one:

looks- black/tan
sounds: bugles (how exact!)
smells: funny
feels: furry

how exact for such a unique animal!

Check out what else it comes with!

and I took out pages even from here! Great for early elementary or late elementary.  

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  1. This looks really cute! We are working on adjectives right now too.


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