This is my Playground!

So yesterday....Big day for me!

I presented in good ol' St. Louis at the Midwest Educational Technology Conference!  I was nervous before but it felt great to share and talk with others afterward about how they would use the new information in their classroom.

My best tip if you ever have to present is get to know the room before.  I kind of went around and talked to people in the room before we started to break the ice and know who I would be speaking to.  It helped me ease the tension and get to know them a little more. 

Let me tell you it was one COOL place to be!  What conference do you go to where you get to tweet people at the conference and the conference even tweets you back!  Talk about building a PLN!

Just being the in the building you could tell it was pretty different from a normal conference.  So much was going on.   Learning about so much new technology and what teachers can do with it in the classroom was truly empowering!  So excited that I will get to do that soon.

Like I said to the people I spoke to, "this is my playground." So cool to play with all this new technology and get to use it in the classroom!

Take a look at the Prezi below which is what my professor and I spoke on. It focused my blog-folio as a form of assessment.  We also talked about how to make blogs in the classroom more reflective to get students thinking about their thinking and different sites to host on.

It really reaffirmed (I'm saying that a lot that a good thing?)  that this is definitely a field I want to be a part of!  

What is your best tip for presenting? 

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