Secret Code - Pigpen!

So last week, I was at a loss for what to do for our journal time.  It has to be something with our sight or spelling words and we already did sentences with our words the day before.  In first grade, it was tough for me to think of something they could do.

Well, I pulled out a trick, have no idea when I learned this but I give to you- Pigpen code!
  Instantaneous Engagement- I tell you!

Granted, all we did was use it to spell our words but giving students more exposure and practice with the words I think would help.  

Out of our words came my brilliant idea...since everyone was asking to do all assignments in code.....I thought we SHOULD incorporate this but in fun way.

I created this Pigpen unit so that you can introduce this secret code (aka AWESOME)  into your classroom.

It really works the problem solving skills and gives the students a chance to interact with words in a new way.

It even includes a Secret Mission using the Secret Code.....who cannot tell me being a spy/detective was one of their childhood dreams?!

and a Joke Book!  I don't know about you but this is like MAGIC I tell you for elementary students!

They love jokes!  They laugh, think they are hilarious and have fun...what's better than this?!

It would make a great end of year fun activity or to get more engagement with sight words, spelling words, or vocabulary.  Great to introduce for a Word Work or at least every once in awhile.  

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