May I cross your ship, Potato Chip?

A day in the life of a sub.........first time in PE today!  Whole different ballgame let me tell you! First time I've had to get the principal too but lets not go there :(

Without plans, I sure was glad that I knew some games from camp and we had to be outside because they were setting up stuff in the gym all day.....needless to say I'm frozen like a popsicle!

If you are ever in this situation and are like me (afraid of balls going under cars, all the way down a hill, just far away in general) here's a game to play!  I'm keeping this as my PE lifesaver since my regular class games really don't work in this situation

Captain O' Captain

2 captains are picked

Everyone lines up on one side of the gym.  Everyone says, "Captain O Captain, may we cross your ship, potato chip?"   (That's what it is...don't ask me why)

Captains say "Only if you're wearing (insert color, characteristic, item of clothing, etc...) 

Those students walk across.

Teachers says GO and everyone tries to run across without getting tagged.  

If you are tagged, you remain seaweed and can wiggle your arms to tag others on the next round.

The last 2 standing are the new captains!

This worked great for about 1st grade and up - even older kids really like it.  I know that "tagging" can be troublesome but with CLEAR expectations set up ahead of time it works great!

Other options for people too scared lazy to get out equipment: 

  • Line tag/ Pacman
  • Freeze Tag
  • Relay Races
  • Simon Says
  • Follow the Leader 

Any others I should add?????

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