1st Grade Here I come!

I started my first long term substitute position!!!!
She had the baby on Sunday and I took over on Tuesday.  I'm in a first grade classroom and I absolutely LOVE it!
The class is a lot smaller, which lets me work one on one with students!
The curriculum is a whole lot different but simplier in some ways, so it takes a little adjusting.  I have plenty of "We do it this way...." or "That's not what she does....."  but I know they are just trying to help!
I'm already off to a great start I believe and I have ideas for projects and fun things to incorporate but would love more theme stuff. 
I know we have Dr. Seuss and St. Patrick's Day coming up.....anything else???
Any fabulous resources I need???  Leave a link below so I can check them out.
-----------------------GUEST BLOGGERS WANTED--------------------

I would LOVE to have some guest blogger featured on my blog to offer advice to new and aspiring teachers, sadly I have had no one fill out the form yet (although it was just put up a week ago)

Click the tab "First Year Friday FORM" at the top to get your post on!
Fill it out if you are interested!  I would love to get this started soon!  I know there are some amazing teachers that would have great advice to share- remember it doesn't matter what grade/subject.
What are you waiting for????
Snow expected tomorrow....potential first snow day here....sleeping with pajamas inside out!

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