Giveaway and Moving on UP!

First, Here is a fantastic Giveaway with over 70 products hosted by Mrs. Mc over at Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

You are not reading that wrong!  Many chances to win!

I donated my Gummy Bear Inquiry Lab - so if it has been on your wishlist - then there is no better time to have a chance to win it!  My entry is on set 4


click the picture to have a chance to go win some AWESOME prize packs! 


I have been subbing in so many upper elementary grades lately! Whew! - the independence of these students has sometimes taken me by surprise, but I love it.  It's a whole different dynamic!

I love subbing because I can see how each grade level works but only be in there for a little while ;)

I have started grad school as well and already am knee-deep in new educational technology resources and ideas- many I hope to share soon!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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