Busy, Busy, Busy!!! Giveaway too!

So I'll update you on what I've been up to and why I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I want to :(  stay tuned till the end to win a FREE copy of my CCSS 2nd grade Quick Checks!!

First, I traveled to MN with my fiance's family....which was a great trip till I got sick and then got others in his family sick :(   I really hate being sick and so far away from home (10 hours) was definitely no fun at all!!!!  I'm so thankful I have a super caring boy who stayed up with me.

After getting back, I had a couple days to recuperate and I found out some of my best friends are engaged a total shocker but such exciting news!!!!!

Then...I jetted off to Puerto Rico and am having the time of my life doing some AWESOME adventurous things and a lot of hanging out with my family!  I'll let you enjoy some pictures from our trip so far:

cute couple pictures at beach

hiking to waterfalls

That's me...paragliding!!!!  I was so proud I actually did it!! Down a 1,500 ft mountain :)

rappelling down an 80 ft waterfall!!!  That was pretty scary too.  

I've been proud of all the adventurous things I've done, we also went ziplining, surfing (too much work!!! - holy cow) , and snorkeling.

Hope you enjoyed my great guest blogger while I was gone, love her!

So I've been getting a ton of spam comments and feeling pretty lonely around here, so leave a comment with your favorite vacation and you could win a free copy of my CCSS quick checks and if you don't want that grade level then I'll get you it when I have it ready ;)

Common Core Quick Checks - 2nd Grade
(sorry it's blurry...not working on my computer :( ...click the picture for more details!

Thanks for reading- I've been getting to read all the blogs but not getting to write, I just had to take a short break and do it!!  Back to more school stuff coming up soon!!

Hope everyone had a great break and got plenty of rest!


  1. So glad to have been your guest blogger! Anytime! :-) But, WOW, what an awesome vacation! I am jealous! Your pictures look like you are having an amazing time! I am going to Mexico with my boyfriend in April and I cannot wait! We are going to tour the Mayan ruins. I can just imagine how interesting and awesome they will be. I am sure that will be one of my favorite vacations. My boyfriend and I have never vacationed together so I am sure we will have a blast! But, also, I have been to St. Maarten and that was beautiful! I went on a cruise and that island was by far my favorite of them all. I didn't get to do anything as fun and adventurous as you (lucky, but I will be sure to in Mexico! Thanks for sharing and I hope I win! :-)

  2. Sweet and lovely couple! :)
    My favorite vacation was to the Maldives. I can't swim so I was so thrilled when I could go into the waters and literally see fish swimming under my feet!

  3. Wow! You're a lucky girl! Your trip looked amazing :) I've had a lot of fun vacations, but I'm most looking forward to my honeymoon to Mexico in October! I see your engaged too! When's the wedding?


  4. I'm jealous of your vacation! My favorite was a 14 day road trip I went on from Wisconsin to the west coast, down the coast of California, and then back to Wisconsin.


  5. Love the pics! Looks like you had a fabulous time! My favorite vacation was to Disney World. Who doesn't like Disney!


  6. My favorite vacation was to NZ where I hiked and ice picked through Fox Glacier, although repelling down a waterfall looks pretty neat too!

  7. Great pictures! Wish I was adventurous:). Favorite vacation spot is Disneyland because of my kids!


  8. I need a vacation for sure! I guess I would have to say Myrtle Beach for a vacation spot....we always have a great time!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I studied abroad in South Africa.
    It was definitely the best trip ever!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Molly Kalina


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