2nd Grade CCSS Quick Checks

Ok so first I'll share a funny story from recently:

We were playing a Jeopardy game to review economics the ending question asked you to

"place your wager"

One of my 5th graders was (in complete seriousness), "what is place your wagger?"  

I was thinking....What?!.....then I went over and said, "Oh, wager like a bet on how much money 
you'll make ."  Ha, it was pretty funny.

My newest project was working on these quick checks for Common Core.  Filling up time is always a problem especially for subs.  I have some fillers myself, and I'm all for fun,  but being a sub it would be nice to have something for every classroom that would be beneficial and academically related --so in other words----not a game :(

These are what I came up with for my grade level: 

I'm pretty excited because they can be used for all these things: 

* exit slips

*fillers - academically related!!!

* morning work

* task cards

They cover MOST standards (not all can be assessed with a question) and are a quick question or activity for the class that checks where they are in relation to the CCSS.

They even have answer clues and reasoning to help.

Having these would be great going out the door and being able to check quickly with a few minutes if a standard is addressed.  


Did I mention they have Language Arts and Math Standards included?!  Yep I wanted them all in one place and they have covers for the cards as well.  

Click any of the pictures for more information.  

Do you think other grades would find these helpful?  I made them because I already had experience with this grade level and standards but others would be easy to make!  Let me know your thoughts!

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