Sparkles, Smiles, and SCHEMA!

It's only Wednesday...holy guacamole! What a long week.  Here's what I've been up to:

So schema...(first thought: ?????????, what?!) Then after realizing what it is, I was like "Duh!"  This would be easy to teach.  Well not exactly, but in the process of finding resources to teach I realized there wasn't really anything I liked or thought was comprehensive so what did I do?  Create it- that's what!

And this awesome pack was born!  I went all out- it includes parts for anchor charts, organizers, journal prompts...if you need prior knowledge and connecting to text........this resource is for you!!!

This is great for upper elementary or even lower!!

Check it out:

Click the picture above if this is something you teach, and maybe don't know where to start or just want to take a closer look!

This is an absolute must-have for students to build upon their prior knowledge and connect to what they are reading!

I have plenty more stories from just subbing this week- holy cow- stay tuned for those and some freebies coming up!

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  1. Love it Amber!! Can't wait to start using some of your awesome resources during my maternity leave!


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