Huh you said what?! linky!!!

Nikki over at Love, Laughter, and Lesson Plans is hosting her first linky and I'm so excited to join!!  What a great idea - I know a ton of teachers feel the same way!

IEP, PLC, PBS, AFL, GLE, CCSS, PBL....the list goes on and on of acronyms! How many do we hear and say everyday??  I'm guess 100s here's a chance to make up some of our own- and get a laugh too!

Here is Nikki's examples: 

TLC-Teachers Love Chocolate

SCE-Soda Cures Everything

LED-Laugh Every Day

Mine to add: 

GUAM- get up and move (love brain breaks)

BBN - bathroom break needed (always need this code)

LOP- Look on Pinterest, always can say to anyone who is looking for ideas!

Go Link up and add your own!!! These are so funny and great to read!!

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