Science and Celebration!!!

This week has been AWESOME....crazy, but awesome! October has got to be the craziest month so far, do you agree?

Meetings, Parent/Teacher conferences, PD....for some reason everything seems chaotic when it should be calming down. 

I'll share Top 4 from this week, definitely don't want to miss this! 

1. I made this for tricky Irregular Past Tense Verbs!  I could not find much I liked online - to help supplement instruction so I made something.  Click the pic for more info!!!  

The theme is perfect for Halloween coming up!

     a.  potato experiment (Spangler)- putting straw through a potato- difficult but fun to try.

I could get it stuck but not go all the way through

       b.  Balloon Rockets- sadly I didn't get any pictures because we were having SO MUCH FUN! Here's the excerpt from my FREEBIE! Click the picture to go download!!!

3. Author Celebration Take 2 - We (my awesome cooperating teacher and I) pulled out all the stops for this celebration!!!  Take a look at some of the pictures!    We went full on Hollywood theme - 
*POPCORN (of course!)
What student would not love to walk this? 
Also, the manager of the local movie theater's son is in our class...aka....we got movie theater popcorn for FREE! Can you say Awesome Friday???????

look at that setup!


Want more information and resources for an author celebration? Check out: 

4. WIDGET -( I apologize for non-teaching related)  my fiance's family has puppies! Don't you think I need this one!!!!! His name is Widget, he's the runt of the litter and so adorable and I could not stop playing with him all weekend.  Just had to share the cuteness.  

I need him, right???  (I'm smiling, just looking at these pictures)


  1. I think you absolutely need Widget in your life!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love the science activity! I've been working on science related stuff all day today.

    ~Diving Into Learning


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