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Onto my second full week teaching everything!!!!  Think I'll stick with another top 5 this post because I have some funny stuff!

Top 5 from last week and this week:

1. We've been working on contractions. I asked one student what two words make up the contraction "I've" , I got the response "I love" - How cute and funny!!

2. I'm like a proud mama! My students continue to impress me!! I love this feeling!! We've been working on strategies and showing our thinking (Investigations....anyone?!)

They come up with way more ways than in our teacher manual- and ways I would have never thought.  I've told them how awesome they are - hope this continues!!  We've also had some pretty big breakthroughs with some students that also make me super proud.

3.  We start science inquiry this week!!! Yay!! I love science! Teaching the scientific method has been great so far!  I'm so excited to start the gummy bear lab with this group tomorrow (I've already done it with my summer kids, but this one is all spiffed up!)

4.  I'm loving Common Core checklists!  I won some from a giveaway and what a lifesaver! There are plenty of free options too (check TPT)

With some principal visits, my supervisors visits and other people coming in the classroom this helps me plan and be more accountable (although are grade won't have CCSS for 2 years)

5.  For writing, we're studying Robert Munsch as our Authors and Mentors text! A ton of his books are on Tumblebooks- so definitely easy to find.

I cannot stress how much the kids love them! The comeback lines (what we studied today) are the thing I think they love most!  They read right along with them even if its the first time- not to mention how funny they are!!!

Check some of these out:

What's your favorite Robert Munsch book?!

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