Percy the Caterpillar and other student teaching findings....

So this is going to be random at best, but I just wanted to update you on some of the stuff we've been up to in the classroom.

We've been focusing on homophones in spelling - 2nd grade does great with these!!!!

Does anyone else use Lucy Calkins for writing?  We've been working our way through the first section, Nonfiction and it seems to be going okay, but I'm not sure my class really gets the idea behind partners--despite lots of modeling!!!  Since I'm actually teaching writing now, I'm trying to find ways to get them to be better writing partners.  Any ideas???

I love the writers workshop method though- conferencing and hearing what they write has been AWESOME!!! Except the one student that wrote about "how school is boring....."  Let's not go there!

Next big thing:  Percy the caterpillar....yes we voted in class and that is his name!

I forgot my camera but this is exactly what he looks like!  Huge from what I remember caterpillars to be....I thought they were small!!!  He was climbing all around his exhibit today!  We're hoping he starts the changing process soon!  I take over science next week and I think it means a lot to the kids to have a real caterpillar to observe (no matter how distracting it may be to them....and me too!) ;)

I'll bring my camera to hopefully get some pictures!  Hope everyone's weeks are going well...I think I'm finally adjusting to this teacher thing!  I'm excited to get more responsibility and most of the students listen and follow directions for me.....just working on those last few!

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