My Top 5 of the Week

I guess these are more realizations but I think it's a great way to document and remember student teaching along with giving other people advice or ideas (hopefully ;)

So onto the Top 5 for the week:

1.  Kidism- so we were studying the pledge of allegiance then at math one of the next few days, my cooperating teacher told the students to divide your paper in half.  One of our students stated that his paper was "indivisible."  Although he wasn't cooperating we both had to laugh out loud!  At least he knew what the word meant.  Oh boy.....


The whole class version of my blowin' up contractions was a hit!  I left it out so if they have free time they can play!  As a teacher- especially a new one, it's really cool that they liked it so much!

3. Daily 5 update- We have 4 of the components in place!  Holy cow!  They are doing fantastic.  My teacher sent them off and we were both amazed at how they got straight to work!  We are both looking forward to having group time once everything is in place.

4. Work - It wasn't until this week that I truly realized how much work and extra time it takes to be  teacher.  Although I've been in the room I'm gradually starting to take over more and more and HOLY COW- so much to get done, to copy, to plan, to do, meetings, papers to go home, kids that were sick, grading, making assessments, and the lists goes on......even with both of us working all day it still seems like things were pretty hectic if you don't want to stay hours and hours after school.

I would LOVE ANY time management tips if you have any!  I think I'm pretty organized but obviously I need to step up my game!

5.  I was inspired by this pin to work on short vowel foldables....we brainstormed ideas for each vowel after reviewing sounds!  Ours didn't look quite this fabulous because we used markers but the students really enjoyed making them.  I challenged them to come up with words that were not already on the board.  Some used their names if they fit (that surprised me, because I didn't think of it...but what a great idea)

Here are some pictures of ours:

short vowel, sounds, foldable

our list of words in order to hear the sound

a little out of order but got the sound right!

short vowel, foldable, sounds

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  1. I like the foldable activity. I have a few students who could benefit from that as well! I'm glad you are enjoying your student teaching. It will get easier as the days go by and you get into a routine.
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