Freebie Friday

I'm linking up again with Blog Hopping for Freebie Friday!  How awesome has their entire linky week been?! I've loved reading all the posts.

So we've been implementing Daily 5 starting this school year.  I'm pretty excited to see how to set everything up and just how well the students are doing.  Granted we had the same kids last year so it is easier but they continue to impress me.

It was cool making anchor charts and watching them practice.  So far we have done Read to Self and Work on  Writing.  The kids love that THEY get to choose- those "Big" second graders :)

One of the great ideas my cooperating teacher had for writing was during Work on Writing the students get to use "special" writing tools, either mechanical pencils or special colored pens.  The students go CRAZY~ they absolutely love it!  She even put them in these super cute popcorn containers that go with our Hollywood theme.

Yes, we did have to teach them how to properly use these utensils, but they wanted to use them so they were very careful about following the rules.

Well they were so excited they were asking for "How-to" paper and "All about" paper so they could write those things!  We already had different types of booklets and writing papers but who are we to not submit to this request.  I whipped up some all about paper.  

Check it out below!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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