I'm a Science Star FREEBIE

With science not getting much time devoted to it during a regular class schedule (at least in elementary) I think it is important that is gets recognition too!! I made these handy badges you could hole punch and laminate for students to wear when they do especially well in science.

These work wonders for younger kids and can be used in addition to other "Super Student" badges and such so that no one feels left out!

I use them for answers to tough questions, if students make a great hypothesis, did well on an experiment, etc....  the possibilities are really endless.

The clipart used is from Mellonheadz
Font is Kevin and Amanda

Click below to grab your FREE copy!

Freebie Fridays


  1. I'm thinking my kids could glue these into science notebooks - thanks!

    Math is Elementary

  2. Very cute! Lots of ways these could be used.
    The Idea Backpack


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