Daily 5 Chapter 3 book study

Yes, Yes I know I skipped chapter 2 but I did read it - just had so much going on last week I didn't link up. But I'm ready to get back into it and let you know what I got out of chapter 3!  If you want to read more about my first chapter and the journey I'm starting with daily 5 click here.

This chapter really hit home with me because I think one of the biggest things that can be done in a classroom is establishing routines!  They are so important and can make your class run so smoothly.  I have had first hand experience in my practicum class where her guided reading and "corners" time had virtually no interruptions and the students were all working.  Upon first seeing this- I was AMAZED!!   I'm so excited I'll get to start and help implement daily 5 with her this year :)

Having a great model to show how the routines, transitions, and lessons should go (and already all planned out) is invaluable!

One of the things I really liked about this chapter and the model in general is that students get to MOVE! They get to move to and from mini-lessons and to wherever their next choice is.  When you have a 90 min reading block, any movement really helps redirect the students and can keep them focused instead of sitting and getting bored too easily.

Anchor charts was another huge part of this chapter!  The teacher I was with, had a whole wall devoted to anchor charts ( I wish I had pics :(

kinda like this-but we had a whole wall full 

She used clotheslines hung up on hooks, then just attached the anchor charts with clothespins whenever the class made a new one.  Having been in other classrooms before I think this strategy of putting them up and keeping them there is great!  You don't have to have fancy decorations- students help create these and use them daily- what better decorations can you get?!

Students use the anchor charts daily and because they had a part in making them as a class it gives them bonding as well as ownership over the topic.  They can refer to the charts easily all day!!!!

So excited to hear what everyone else has to day!  Click the button below to link up for yourself

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  1. I love the anchor charts too! I hope to be able to create them with the students. I became your newest follower!



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