Secret Legit Invention Hunters

Bet that title intrigued you?!  (he he....)  I named this yesterday for a project we were doing.  While waiting on some of my other supplies I remember something we did last year and something Farley's post reminded me of!  INVENTIONS!!!

We did something like this before but I took it to a whole new level!

You can see our timeline for class (top right)

1. Pick Audience card (girls, boys, kids, grandparents, parents, dogs, etc...)
     Pick Purpose card (bathroom, eating/kitchen, entertainment, outside, wild...)
    Pick Adjective (electronic, colorful, creative...)

2.  Brainstorm!!  All our inventions had to help people and fill the qualifications on the card!  Boy were some hard! We even had a counselors group and we had fun with this :)

3.  Worked on our posters which had to have a title, tagline, price, why you should buy it, and the picture of course.  Ours were not too indepth because I didn't have days to complete this, but the kids were fantastic and worked great together!!!

4.  Think about the sales pitch and how they wanted to present which we just finished up today. So proud of their work.  Check out some of our samples below.

For younger age groups, I only had them pick either a purpose or an audience to make it easier!  The kids also wanted to make their inventions too! If we had lots of leftover supplies I would have let them.  This would be a great extension if you had the time.  (Farley's post- has some great examples!!!)

Audience: Grandparents         Purpose: Entertainment

This was my group!!!  We came up with a wireless controller that was compatible with every game system and had a secret cheat screen!!!

Audience: Parents       Purpose: Kitchen/Eating

Cookingbot - to cool all your food.  It comes in boy and girl types.  Looks pretty stylish to me.

Audience: Boys    Purpose: Bathroom     Adjective: Religious

I'm so proud of these girls- this would be a tough one but they came up with an awesome Noah's Ark boat (we are a religious camp)  that has some pretty cool features like animal noises and an anchor.  

Audience: Girls        Purpose: Transportation

My boys were pretty reluctant but they did an awesome job designing this car that has clothes in the trunk, makeup in the dashboard, and a built in phone all with a flower theme.  What girl doesn't love that?!

Even I had fun with this project!  Making homemade Petri dishes today look for those coming soon! :)

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