DIY Black Snake Fireworks with FREEBIE

I'm glad you are reading this and not running away at the title!  This was one of the coolest experiments I have tried so far!!!!!!  Now I know it doesn't take much to entertain me but this was SO COOL!!!!!

The experiment can be done with stuff you have at home- so why not give it a try.  Yes it does involve lighter fluid and a lighter but TRUST ME- there are not any big flames and if you use common sense and keep the kids at a safe viewing distance, they will love this!!!

I got the inspiration from this website- it have the detailed science and explanation behind it. This website it fantastic- I have so much else I want to try!

So first things first:


lighter fluid (denatured alcohol) 
powdered sugar
baking soda


1. Find a mound of sand and then put a depression in it (where you will put the other ingredients).  Add some lighter fluid- nothing too particular just dose it so the area gets wet. 

2.   Add a scoop of the mixture (4 tbsp. powdered sugar mixed with 1 tbsp. baking soda) 
Again just heap it on there- no rhyme or reason

3. *ADULT SUPERVISION*  Light it up! I went around the outside of the "circle" and this worked well even on this windy day.  It didn't take too long to get lit. 

4.   WATCH THEM GROW!! the experiment doesn't really get hot but you do want to be a little ways away because of the small flames.  THE SNAKES ARE GROWING!!!  Even I was fascinated by how long they kept growing!!!!  It was well over a minute and you have leftover powdered sugar mixture to do it again- SWEET!

Cool little bubbles form at the bases as well!

5. All finished!  Look how tall they got!  

This really was so easy and fun and I promise that I do not especially like playing with fire or anything dangerous for that matter! (I won't even use matches) so this experiment is definitely foolproof and worth the results.  

With kids, I'd let them help mix and get the area set up but definitely not the actually lighting itself!  I hope you get a chance to try this for yourself!!! Truly worth it!!!

If you've stayed around this long you deserve a freebie right?!  Check some pages to go along with this experiment: 

Click either of the pics to go to the FREEBIE created to go with this experiment: 

Hope you enjoy! :)


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