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I have never posted about a technology resource yet, but working on a project today I found out I was completely unaware of the templates that are on the Internet free and available from Microsoft Office!

Click the pic to head over and check it out right away!

Can I just say......I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!  They have a whole Education collection!!!

Some of the topics in the education collection include:

  • schedules (customizable ones already in table form.......HOW EASY FOR LESSON PLANS?!)
    • Academic Schedules
  • templates for flash cards
  • Award certificates
  • Reports
  • Surveys
  • Calendars
  • Planners
  • much must check it out! It can make your life so much easier!!

The best part is if you have Word all of this is so easy to just type in your info! This would be amazing for teachers! Head over to this website to check out the whole Education collection:

They also have great cover pages, resume help, and other careers stuff as well!

They also have some great ways to engage students in the classroom with polls, and surveys (left side of education page)

I'm in no way promoting this, I just found it cool and possibly very helpful (since I'm now using a template for a current project)!  and the best part....FREE!

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