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I'm linking up with Lory at Fun in first for a:

bljd;ajdkfajsdjfa;sdfwoeurw........SUMMER! It cannot come fast enough which you can probably tell by my exciting typing :)

Man I would love for it to be here now..........I literally just finished a 14 classroom management plan! Whew! I think it will be useful but it so much work ........and that is only ONE part of our portfolio for the class :(  

Ahh....can you say stressed?  Oh well, starting student teaching soon and summer on the way can't complain to much.  So here goes: 

Summer Project: Pretty much anything off my Pinterest (crafts) board- CHECK THEM OUT! I really wanna work on some school stuff too but we'll see.  I'm working on getting a liquid nitrogen demo too for camp! The kids will go crazy!!!!! They might not understand the science but they will remember!

Summer Fun: Trips to Wisconsin and Minnesota for weddings and birthdays but in reality my summer job is so much fun that I look forward to that too.  (How many people can say that?!- I'M LUCKY!)

Go check out her blog to see more ideas: 


  1. I want to hear about your fun summer job! What is it? =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

    1. Glad you asked: I teach science at a camp for K-5! I'm like a specials teacher but in the summmer, and we have themes for each week, but we do a TON of fun experiments (I think I love them more than the kiddos). I'm planning for this summer and am so excited already!!

      Just found your blog......glad to meet a first year teacher :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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