Squiggle stories

First, I reorganized my pins! Whew! It needed to be done!!! I moved pins from teacher/school into individual boards depending on the subject which will be much easier for me and others to get and organize my ideas!

Go check it out and follow me if you don't already!  LOOK TO THE RIGHT- Click the link to head to my boards!

Second,  I have finished my first pack of squiggle stories.  I have seen these used in a Writing Center about once a week.  Students get a chance to make something with the lines on the paper and then create a story about it!

They get so creative and these are so fun and easy to use.  Click the pic to check it out!  Hopefully it is helpful, if you download leave me some feedback and let me know what you think!!

Its my first bigger packet so I'd love some feedback!!!  I plan to add more freebies! So keep your eyes peeled.

Hope your short week is starting off well :)

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