Fireworks cards!

Today I have an awesome activity I randomly stumbled upon last summer!  We had supplies and just experimented to see what would happen!

This would  be great for any age and they are so fun to do- easy as well :)

Without further ado, I present to you......FIREWORKS CARDS!!!!!

Ok so the pics aren't the best but these things come out so well!


food coloring
paper (we used notecards, but anything heavy will do)

1. pour a small amount of oil on a cookie sheet or small tray.
2. add food coloring
3. have student mix up the colors with a toothpick
4. Dip the paper in and then lift it out.
5. We put ours on newspaper to dry and you could decorate them the next day!

Here's some more pics to check out: 

Hope you get a chance to try was one of our favorite projects last year!


  1. These are very cool! What kind of oil do you use?


    1. Just regular cooking oil! They are so easy and fun!!!!

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