Crazy Saturday and a FREEBIE

So redo-ing my room at home has been chaos! I do not like chaos!  I like organization with everything in its place, so moving everything and painting and remodeling is driving me crazy!  I know it will be worth it but still........

So taking a break from everything.....I made you all a wonderful FREEBIE (at least I'm begin productive on my break)

Click on the picture to download!

Here is a library list you can use in your classroom to keep up with books that student check out!  This would probably work better in older grades but will teach the student's responsibility and organization!

It has a column for the student's name, checked out column for the book title and then the last column for the date it was returned.

Instead of having library cards for each book or for each student, if you class is trustworthy enough this could be a great option!

Hope you get a chance to use it!

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