Two Awards...Me-Oh-My!

I feel like getting two awards today is awesome...especially after the day I had.  Car doesn't start, never enough sleep...but oh well.

I forgot to mention I also forgot the wax paper when ironing those weird plastic bead things and...

this is what happens....sadly.  So I got to spend my recess peeling off the beads :(

But, alas, there was some good in today as well: 

1) I got 11 hard back awesome kids books for $9 at the awesome annual used book sale!  Always makes my day and the kids even previewed them today.  The book on snakes was a huge hit since we talked about spitting cobras yesterday!+ garage sales start tomorrow (so many books!!!! and so cheap!!! LOVE!!!!)
2) March Madness starts today-YAY! We have a family pool every year.  I love picking teams, it's always fun to watch and see who wins :)

Onto awards:

1) the Giver Award from the 3am teacher

She gave it to all her follower-- AWESOME!  It even features some of her new ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORABLE PUDGIES CLIPART ANIMALS - Are they not adorable? Honestly, that's why I typed it in all caps!  

2) A top 10 blog award from Luckeyfrog's Lilypad!
Top 10 TBA 

This is a new blog and let me tell you - I've already found some great freebies and awesome advice- so go check her in like right now!!! 

Here's some awesome people I'm passing the award onto! 

1. Cheers to school 

A great blog from an awesome recent graduate!

2. Primary Princesses 

Primary Princesses
Fantastic and super cute blog written by 2 amazing teacher!  TONS of great ideas! 

3. Mrs. McCumbee's Class

Super fun blog with really applicable advice! Check her out!

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