Shaving Cream Paintings

Whew...Spring Break is coming to an end....why do I feel like I have so much left to do?!

So Friday, I only had a few kids at camp which was great because I got up so early.  We flew through the activities that were lined up for us with still a few hours left.  What to do, what to do?

I remember one of the activities I was planning on doing for camp this summer and luckily we still had all the supplies.  Our shaving cream paintings were so much FUN! They were messy and each one turned out unique. I think when doing art, each child should have a say in how they project goes, if they want to change something or modify it...go for it!!! What a great way to learn!  Each kid got to put their own colors and mix it before we put it on paper.  The kids had so much fun making these, and seeing how they turned out I can't wait to try them with even more kids this summer.

They may not be the most beautiful things..but watching all the colors swirl together was  A BLAST!!

First: Put shaving cream in a big tub
Then: add water colors and take a toothpick and swirl them around anyway you want
Last: Press paper (we used heavy white construction paper) on top of shaving cream and wipe off excess.

After wiping away excess, you magically see how the watercolors stick to paper but shaving cream doesn't! It was so fun revealing what was underneath.

I apologize for not getting pics of the process but only one of me and all the kiddos, that was a little difficult.

This would go great with a lesson on color mixing as well! or just plain fun!!  So easy and cheap!!

Note: We used washable water-based watercolors (just in case they get on hands) but I know that there are more vibrant colors available.  I got this idea from


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