Welp,  I'm trying to work on my Google Docs is a battle let me tell you.  I'm just experimenting with creating things and linking them to the blog has been a CHALLENGE!!

If you have any tips/tutorials I would love to hear them!!!  I was keeping them on Google Docs since they are free but right now I'm screen capturing the picture and linking it but I have a sneaky feeling that there is a much better way to do this...........hmmmmm.....

Well onto what is free..............TA DA!!!! Click on it to dowload

This is what I use to keep track of my sub jobs for a certain month.  It includes date, school, job number (which is used in some districts!), half or full day, teacher, and a section for notes.  I need this to stay organized and to make sure I get paid of course.....which subbing in different districts with different pay periods can be quite troublesome :(

Hopefully, you can use this for yourself!!! I'm open to other ways to keep track of sub jobs as well if you have any.

One of the districts I sub in, has an online system which is nice but when subbing in multiple schools/districts I really need all my info in one location for my sanity's sake :)

I think I hear my homemade cheese tortellini in a garlic cream sauce with crab and shrimp calling my name.  (Yes- I did make this!  and the sauce I just dreamed up with no recipe- I'm pretty proud of it!) If you haven't noticed yet, food always sneakily makes it in my blog posts...I blame Food Network for my love of cooking and baking.

Hope your weekend is going great everyone!~


  1. I write all mine down in a calendar.

    I think there used to be a way to post a pic from google docs with the link but it changed and so I do what you lol.
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. Thanks for the freebie.

    And yeah, that's how I do it. I see a few people using Scribd too.

    This little gadget on the bottom left corner (your share button I'm guessing) if so nifty! Where did you find that?

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

    1. I'm pretty sure the 3am Teacher blog was the one that mentioned it but its on this great website:!


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