Lazy Monday

Well I'm to get some inspiration aka pack because I'm leaving tomorrow for Washington D.C. for presentation- how crazy is that?!

My first conference presentation and its International?!  (that's intimidating) good thing I'll have my professor with me :)

Now if only my fear of flying would go away....things would be much easier.  I would appreciate any tips anyone has about dealing with nerves!!! Either for presenting or my fear of flying...guess I'm overcoming a lot of   fears lately since I never liked public speaking either! (I have to admit I'm getting much better) What is about a group of kids that I can be in front of no problem but a bunch of people my age and i'm tongue-tied and terrified.

I'll leave everyone with another one of my "Kid-isms" from today: (these never fail to make me smile):

Reading from a poem in the hall, it was about the student's sister-

              The line read, "She is as beautiful as a puddle."  ???????

Also, anything I HAVE TO SEE in D.C??????????  Thanks in advance!

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  1. Good luck!

    I don't like speaking in public either but I kind of got over the fear when I had to talk in front of about 300 people lol.

    Don't worry about flying, I have flown a lot. Just do stuff to preoccupy your mind. Magazine, chew gum, listen to music.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher


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