Dr. Seuss' Birthday

So there seems to be a lot of hype of Dr. Seuss and his birthday from what I can tell on everyone's blog.  So I was surprised I get a chance to sub tomorrow, who would want to miss this big celebration?  I'm pretty excited and hope the teacher left lots of fun things for us to do!

I'll be subbing in kindergarten! Whew, these kids have energy and with it being a Friday....I'm just glad it will be the weekend.

Kindergarten subbing is always interesting :)

My first time ever subbing was kindergarten and the principal when she called, even asked if I could handle it.  I was like "sure" not knowing what I got myself into.  It wasn't bad at all...except for the kid that got locked inside the bathroom in our room which required a neighboring teacher to come jam some safety scissors in the door and wiggle to get him out (no joke- this really happened my first day)....no it was wonderful.  These are the most memorable days definitely some of the most challenging but also rewarding.  Each day is different and that is what I like about subbing.  I get to meet so many kids and teachers too!  I learn so incredibly so much every single time! Who knows maybe I'll have even more interesting stories by this time tomorrow.

I better hit the hay to get ready for tomorrow!  Happy almost-Friday everyone!


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