Sea Of Camouflage

Sea of Camouflage 

This was an activity I did with our kindergarten group last year for camp.  It was one of my favorites!!! We were learning about camouflage and different animal adaptations all week.  Each kid got a fish to color and they got a chance to try and make their fish blend in with the background.  I could not believe how well they did!!! They worked really hard too!

Sorry about the bad picture quality, my camera is not the best.  After talking about camouflage and how it helps animals we did this activity.  Afterwards, we looked at some books and websites to find examples of camouflage.  I think it worked out great, because fish especially use camouflage! 

I'm trying to think of great ideas for THIS SUMMER (crazy, how fast it will come),  especially any awesome experiments because those tend to be the kids' favorites.  I'm always looking for more ideas! My room is labeled the "Discovery" room so I can do anything relating to science, some crafts, pretty much any cool hands-on learning and I LOVE getting the opportunity to choose what we do, plus I get to try out lots of things for my future classroom!

Onto randomness from college: So this is what happens when you have way too much to get done and move into stressed eating. 

the PEEPS-STUFFED CARS COOKIE is born!   YuM!  Yes that is a Peeps stuffed between 2 Cars sugar cookies!   If you've never tried it, well it's a once in a lifetime experience I must say!  It was delicious, definitely not nutritious but, hey, I'm in college and sugar cravings come in weird forms.  I was pretty proud of  my concoction actually...think the kids at camp would mind these? ;)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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