Extinct, Endangered, Threatened Species

Just wanted to pop in and show you a FREEBIE that I created for my 5th graders to do some quick research.  

Talking about and explaining the difference between these animals can be troublesome so I created this worksheet so they can do some research and learn about them on their own as well.

I have some websites (valid ones!) pulled up and show them how to cite their sources.  They have to write about the animal: description and habitat and then finding out why it disappeared or what threatens its survival today. 

Because some of these animals are not well known or do not exist anymore they are fun to learn about.  Click on the picture or hyperlink above to grab the FREE worksheet!


  1. Thanks for sharing this at Teaching Blog Addict, Amber. Organizing on a chart can make things so much easier to compare and to remember!

  2. This is FABULOUS! Thank you so much for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher


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